mi desk lamp 1s lan control please whitelist

dear yeelight,

with the latest update of my mi desk lamp 1s I lost the lan control feature. please whitelist me, so I can still use the lamp within my house. thanks!

Mi ID: 1832489151
Product: mi desk lamp 1s
Firmware Version: 2.1.7_0012
Server: Germany

/push have not got an update yet

have not received an update yet. @mods please do something!

/push have not got an update yet

/push have not got an update yet

mods can you please help here?

I have the same problem too.
Anyone who can help us?

please help us!!!


Is yours problem solved? Any response form yeelight team?

@x983948432 not it is not. no update or response from the yeelight team

Same here
A shame
Yeelight is done for me


@yeelight please provide customer support!!!

hello everyone,
To avoid equipment security problems, this Lan Control has been removed in the latest version. Only “Mi"beginning series, about “Yeelight” series can continue to use it.

@ganzhen please whitelist me as you did on the other product lines. It is super bad to remove a functionality with a software update that you cant undo. Please help us here!

To avoid security problem

Are you out of your mind ?

To avoid issue no more Mi ou Yeelight product
Crapy thing to do to your customers

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push! please help us, your customer! thanks!!

I bought this product because of the LAN control. It was my choice to enable it and accept the security issues. But now it is suddenly removed without any notice.
Let people decide by there self if they accept this or not.

Now I have a product I can not use anymore as intended and bought.
Is yeelight going to refund me for this ?

There a a lot of complaints about this in this forum!

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Please whitelist me. It is really unfair to remove the functionality that I bought this product for.

Mi ID 1758898722
Europe Server

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