Fails to on/off by aqara motion sensor

Hello. I have 2 old yeelight stripes and 1 new (plus) stripe. I faced several issues:

  1. Xiaomi Home app does not find them without yeelight app, maybe its concept.
  2. When any of the stripes or all together are added to mi home automation scenario with aqara motion sensor, none of them follow the scenario. Scenario is ON when motion detected, OFF when no motion for 5 min. Motion sensor is fine, tested with other devices such ass smart switches, bulbs etc. Only Yeelight stripes are problem. In scenario logs I see “couldn’t run” or “failed”, i.e. stripe failed to on/off when requested to by mi home. Please help solve this issue, it might be some router setting (ZTE P680) or else. Thank yiu in advance