Alexa-Yeelight bad behaviour: bulbs unresponsive in Alexa

I have 3 Yeelight bulbs in the TV room. I used to be able to switch them on and off using the Alexa command “Alexa switch on tvroom” (and similar to switch them off). For about a week now when I give the command to switch on only 1 or 2 bulbs are switched on and I then have to give a specific command (Alexa switch on vroom light 2) to switch on the remaining bulb. The same with switching off. I have reset my network, disabled and re-enabled the Alexa Yeelight skill but nothing helps. From within the Yeelight app it works Ok so the problem must be in the Alexa skill. Within the Alexa app the 3 tvroom lights show “unreponsive”. To switch the bulbs on from within the Alexa app I need to press the on/off switch repeatedely before something happens. what can I do to fix this? I add that I use the Frankfurt server as I live in Europe. Also after I disable the skill and re-enable it the skill app cannot find any devices.


I have the same problem did you find a solution?