cant reload YLXD4401CN using smart bluetooth dimmer

Hi All, I’m looking for help.

  1. I have YLXD4401CN Yeelight mini and installed smart bluetooth switch. I’m making the procedure of turning of the lamp but it can’t reset the lamp. I don’t have normal switch. So, I can’t connect it in app.

  2. I have other Yeelight mini YLXD44YL and have issue with the connection on my app at yeelight app. It’s always off.

Would someone be able to help me out. Thank you!

Fixed the issue with an offline mode of the lamp YLXD44YL Yeelight mini. I believe there is a small issue with my router Asus RT-AC1300GPLUS. I’m not sure what’s exactly. But after I created a guest network and connected - it works well.

Currently, just need to figure out how I can reboot by lamp YLXD4401CN using Bluetooth switcher.

Nope. It went to offline mode again. It’s still an open issue.