Filament bulb with Smartthings

Sorry for my English, im Ukrainian.
I bought few Yeelight lights, its 2 light strips, E27 Color bulb (Yeelight Color 1S), and one dimmable bulb (Yeelight Filament).

I use all lights in the Samsung Smartthings app.

I have a problem with checking current condition of Filament bulb in the Samsung Smartthings app, status of this bulb dont want to update automatically and with update swipe gesture too. For example, I can turn on all 4 my lights at the Yeelight app, then I back to Smartthings, and I see my 3 lights is ON current now, but the Filament bulb is still “turned off”.
I see correct current status of Filament Bulb only if I use Smartthings to controll it. But 3 other lights (color bulb and two stripes) updates and show current status, brightness, color - no matter with what app I set it up, its might be Windows PC or iPhone.

And one more interesting thing: I can change brightness of “turned off” Filament bulb, and it’s really physically changes, but the status “turned off” still shows.

Help be, I think its current Filament firmware bug, because Color 1S bulb is work perfectly, and the Filament bulb work great at the same time in Apple Homekit (with updates current condition at the real time).