Yeelight screen light bar YLTD003 app issue

i had a issue with Screen light bar with status of my light in yeelight app. In yeelight app on homepage i see my Light is turned on (but really is turned off), click on turned button not working. I try turned on light with button (this works). After that i try click in app to turn off device and my light is turned off, but state in app stay as “turned on”.
Do you have same issue or it is a harware issue?

Yeelight app v 3.2.63
Screen light bar firmware: 2.0.8_0015

having nearly the same issues.
as long as you only use the app to control it, everything is fine.
if you use the button, the app seems to be a litte bit confused and doesnt update the state correctly (or dont get the state at all).
hope this will be fixed soon.