1s Color Bulb doesn't work with razer chroma advanced effects

Maybe it has to do with the razer app because visualization works fine, its just that the studio is 100% unresponsive. Not only that but if u create a new profile in chroma studio (which uses spectrum cycling as a default) it works! This is so annoying because i really want to use ambient awareness


EDIT: Seems like the newest update fixed everything.

I have the same issue.
PC Lan connected
Lightstrip 1S wifi

But can’t use razer chroma advanced effects
Help me please

i have the same issue as well can you update if you found out how to fix it thanks.

the newest synapse update has fixed everything.

the newest synapse update has fixed everything for me

can say what is the version of razer synapse you have?

this is mine

I have the same version.

With last synapse update it partially works fine.
Yeelight with Synapse “Ambient awarness” effects react to the image/colors on screen…OK
But Yeelight reacts with a very different color one respect with other Razer devices.
Yellow, orange and white are the worst one.

today im having problems with my bulb… yeelight chroma connector cant detect my bulb… can anyone help??