Can't connect Yeelight LED Strip 1s with Mi Home on iOS 14.4.1

I bought Yeelight LED Strip 1s and can’t add it to my Mi Home app on iOS14.4.1 (iPhone 11Pro). I can add it to Yeelight app, Home Kit, Google Home, but no Mi Home. I can see 4 devices in the app, but in profile is 5.

When i click “add” icon and try to scan code on my Yeelight LED Strip 1s I got notification in Portuguesse (???) “It was not possible to identify QR code”

Other try is to add it manually:

  1. I reset the LED Strip 1s
  2. Use my WiFi name and password.
  3. The app ask me to connect with “yeelink-light_xxx” in Wi-Fi preferences.
  4. I click the button below “set Wi-Fi now” and go to preferences.
    There’s a moment i think is problematic. I can’t find “yeelink-light_xxx” as a Wi-Fi. It’s on another group “Set the device”. When i click the “yeelink-light_xxx” in that group it automatically sends me to HomeKit and configure the light in that app.
  5. If I add the LED Strip 1s to HomeKit it’s seen only in this app.
  6. If I don’t add the LED Strip 1s to HomeKit and get back to Mi Home, nothing happens.
  7. If I add the LED Strip 1s to Yeelight app it’s still not in Mi Home, even my account is connected.
  8. I can add the LED Strip 1s to Google Home, if it’s in Yeelight.

Is it the way to add the device to Mi home on iPhone 11Pro with iOS 14.4.1?

Hello, I have got the same problem with IPhone 11 PRO MAX. Did you find any solution? Thank you.

Me to​:broken_heart: