Yeelight 1S doesn't always reconnect to network after turning on


I have 3 Yeelight 1S bulbs, connected to Google Home and I noticed a weird issue with them.

When turning them off and on again from the light switch, they only connect to the network every other time.

For example, I have them connected and everything is working fine, lights on, controlled by Google. I turn the power off and on again, the lights turn back on, but they no longer connect (Google will say they aren’t available). I turn the power off and on again for a second time and all is fine again.

Since this behavior is consistent (always appears every other power off-power on cycle and all 3 bulbs always react the same: all connect, or none does), this doesn’t look like a bug.

Anyone experienced this before? Can it be turned off?

When they aren’t responding, the bulbs aren’t visible among the devices connected to my router, however in the Yeelight app, they don’t appear offline, they appear off (even though physically they are on) and can’t be given any commands.