Ceiling Fan Light Keep going Offline !

Can any Yeelight staff take a look? My ceiling fan light keep going offline!

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Light going offline again ! I don’t know how many time I need to plug and unplug the light to get it back online ! It been many days that this light will go offline many many many times in a day ! I got 2 fan light. But only 1 have such problem. When it’s offline, it is still connected to wifi. I check the DHCP. Can Yeelight staff look into this issue and fix it?

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Can any Yeelight staff take a look? I have done ping test to the fan light device. There is ping response from the device. Nothing wrong with my wifi connection.

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Had been looking for help for this light that goes offline very often. It seem no Yeelight Staff want to look into this problem. Why?

Problem solved. ISP router issue. Now the fan light does not go offline.

What you mean by isp router issue?

I did a traceroute to yeelight server and one of the router along the path drop many network package.