Different type of light with the same lightstrip

Hi, I have 2 lightstrips. First one I bought a few months ago and the second one a few days ago. First thing I spotted was the fact that the newest lightstrip has a no different colours (less intense kinda as if there was more white light). I checked specifications and the only thing that’s different is energy class (first one is B, second one is A++). I really don’t know what’s going on so please help!
There is also a fact that the second one was a bit more expensive and had two types of plug in box. But I really didn’t expect it to make such a difference.
I use apple HomeKit for control but with the Yeelight app results are similar.
I’m begging for your help just to understand what’s going on bc probably I can’t return it (it’s already stuck to my desk).

I updated software of the newest one and now it’s light is more intense then the older one’s light. I’m even more confused.