lamp YLXD01YL + dimmer YLKG07YL - did not work

I have LED Ceiling Light YLXD01YL. The lamp included a Bluetooth Remote Control, I connected the remote control with the lamp and it works without a problem.

Now I bought Yeelight Wire Smart Dimmer to control this lamp and this dimmer has paired with the lamp (is visible in the app), but dimmer doesn’t control the lamp (the little on / off switch at the bottom of dimmer only works).

Bluetooth Remote Control works fine all the time. This dimmer is incompatible with this lamp?

Same here. Ylxd01 is paired with remote and working correctly. Cant pair with dimmer even if its pairing with ylxd05yl or mi ceiling lamp. Also when trying to c9nnect via Yeelight app I’m getting connection lost on 100% and have to reset to fabric.
Working on EU server. Changing to mainland Ch dont help.