Connection time-out. Led bulb 1s.

I can’t connect my led bulb through the ISP.
I’d try to connect through the AP on phone - and it’s work.

But I’m already have the monitor lamp and it’s work fine, and there was no problem to connect a new device.

Also, I’d try change server in app-setting.
Russia, Moscow.

Are there any server’s issues with adding new device? I bought 4 this lamp, a can’t connect none of them. :frowning:

What I already did and still didn’t get the result:

  1. Tried with different lamps Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S (YLDP13YL)
  2. I tried to connect via an access point on the phone. I got the connection only once, after resetting the lamp settings - it didn’t work anymore.
  3. Tested the server in Moscow (as in the instructions mi desk lamp connection time out - #3 由 xleavx). Ports 80 and 8053 of the server are available.
  4. Restated router, phone.
  5. Tried European and Chinese servers.

I repeat that all this time I have connected the yeelignt screen-bar lamp to the server, there are no problems with its operation and connection. Any suggestions, tips? I am very upset about the current situation.

Hey, yeelight-team, Xiaomi-stuff, can you help me?

Time-out is always on 61%, if it could help.

Help me! Please! I’m almost freakin out with this issue. Wonderful UX.

The problem was self-resolve. Just on 101 trying issue disappear.