Issues connecting mi 1s lamp to network after a firmware update

I’ve recently bough a mi 1s desk lamp and after unboxing it and setting it up for the first time I was quite happy with the product and it’s features (as long as you’re connected to through the app and can configure things through that).
However, the next day when i tried to turn the lamp on through the mi home app, i got a notification that there’s a new firmware update available, started doing it and left my phone next to the lamp while doing some work only to come back later and see that the lamp is “offline”.
I’ve since tried to pair it again, reset the lamp ( the lamp wifi does show up and the pairing process fails at connecting device to network), thought about resetting the router, changed the wifi name/ password, the lamp does show up in the dhcp client list.

having a bit of trouble knowing where to go from here.