The title says it all, where is LAN control, yeelight??

This issue is affecting a lot of users, some of them would not have bought your products without integrations… So, you need to pay attention and fix these issues!



Lan Control is in Yeelight app, in main menu.

No, it’s not. There are several issues about this in the forum. For me, it disappear when updated the firmware of the Mi desk lamp 1s.

Still waiting for a solution… :unamused:

1 month afterwards and nothing :roll_eyes:

In the yeelight app on the top left the three stripes, there is Lan control

Or when you are at a bulb/strip the little upwards arrow in the bottom right there is also lan control in the menu

Really??! Thanks but I am not blind, this is a problem in certain products and after updating the firmware.

This is not a general question. It’s a complaint. Search “mi desk lamp 1s lan control”