Is there a problem with the EU servers?

Is there a problem with the EU servers?
My 2 Yeelights are offline, and I can see that many others in the Danish Facebook groups, has the same problem right now.

Seems to be back online at my place now. (Denmark)


Same issue here in Estonia (EU). All my lights are offline, automation still works like motion detection turns lights on.

Seems like all my Xiaomi devices are offline as well through Xiaomi Home app.


Problems here (UK) too. 10 assorted lights going offline/online repeatedly this evening.


Same here

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Big problem, the server is down.
Same in Israel

Germany Server is down too.
No Yeelight and no MI Home! Robot Vacuum Cleaner is offline too.


Ahh yes.
I see that my 2 Xiaomi roborocks are offline too. :-/

Why do we need the servers if most devices have LAN control options.

My LAN option, is also not working right now. (Strange)

How much time is going to take to fix it?
Its driving me crazy

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In Spain the same, no Yeelight or Xiaomi or Roborock devices work.

same in france …

Is there any update on the EU server?
My lights are still showing as offline

From France, device hasn’t been working since yesterday morning, still showing as offline, can’t connect it after reset, no words from anyone.

same in Italy

Same in Poland

Same in Italy…

same in turkey