Unable to connect Yeelight 1S with Yeelight App

Have issue with Yeelight Apps. I’m able to connect the light with Home Kit but unable to connect in YeeLight App. When launch the app, it prompt me to link the light from Home Kit after successfully linked there is nothing shows in Yeelight App.

I am facing the same problem. I tried an android tablet too, I see the wifi of the bulb but I cannot get it on the list where the devices should be shown in the app. I have a 1s bulb too

Hi @Mahir_d I managed to solve the issue. Try to follow this steps:

  1. Reset your Yeelight device
  2. In YeeLight App check you region. I use Mainland China.
  3. Make sure your are using 2.4GHz wifi/Lan connection.

I did reset the device, it still won’t show up. I can connect the bulb to the apple homekit with the QR code. The light does show up in my Wifi settings when it is resetted. I seem to use third party developed apps such as Yeelight Lan from the android app store which means that it does have lan access. I just don’t seem to get the light in the yeelight app after countless resets. So to summerise the yeelight is perfectly working as it should just that I Can’t get the app connected and working neither on my Iphone nor on my tab which is rather old tho, Ios 14 and Android 7 respectively that is. Thank you for your solution however, I appreciate the effort C: Have a nice day sir. And can I get some staff help ;-;