Mesh wireless network problem

I’m not sure if Yeelight product support wireless roaming protocol, when I reset my mesh wifi, I notices that all the lights will connect only to the main node that have boot up first. This result in weak wireless connection. Unless you power cycle the light, it will connect to the node with the strongest signal.

Not really practical to power cycle all lights when you need to restart your mesh router… any solution for this?

Dear Marco, I believe this is not the issue with the yeelight devices. Perhaps it is the mesh should identify and transmit a better or closest mesh to the device. As per said by you “all the lights will connect only to the main node”, I believe the main mesh and second mesh is still in a close range. Based on my experience, my main mesh is far from the coverage which my yeelight devices able to connected with the closest mesh. Perhaps you may want to upgrade your router instead of using mesh network. I have provide a link for your understanding how the mesh “seemless roaming” works regarding the STA function.

I don’t think you understand what I said. I’m saying when you reboot the entire mesh router. Usually the main node will get boot up first and device will try to connect to that only available node that broadcast the SSID. When the closest node to the device finally get boot up, the device does not automatically switch over to the node with the best signal strength.

What you are saying is when all the mesh node is in fully functional state and a device trying to connect to the network. In this case, the device will choose the node with the best signal not the main node only.

Dear Marco, apologize if I have wrongly convey the message to you. Kindly read on the link that I have provided in order for you to have better understanding on how mesh network works. Thank you.

I already know all that before I post the message here. I’m not sure if Yeelight device support 802.11kvr roaming protocol. If they don’t they will only connect to the available node at that time of rebooting and don’t switch to the best node when they are available. Switching node is up to the device and not AP. I only know Asus router can disconnect device if they fall below certain RSSI value and the device will reconnect again.

I have notices that Mi home App and Yeelight app both report different signal strength. Mi home App report 27% -70rssi and Yeelight App report -28db. I feel that Mi home App one is wrong. Any Yeelight staff can take a look?