Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp have no LAN Control button

in my Yeelight application there is no button to enable/disable LAN Controll

application version: 3.2.63
firmware version: 1.6.6_0172

What do I need to do to make this button appear?


Also have the same issue. It seems that Yeelight decided that they have the right to decide how we use what we’ve bought. Every year Xiaomi is loosing quality by poor decisions. I was a big fan boy of them, I have 4 Phones, 6 bulbs, 2 lamps, 1 gateway and time over time I’m loosing confice with the brand. Good quality products is not just hardware without the software and good integration they are totally wordless to me. It’s not they place to decide what I use to control what i buy! Unlock again the LAN control on the lamps!!!

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Even my device is removed from the LAN control and I could not control it from OpenHAB

maybe dingyichen could help us?

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Same problem here. I have no idea about how to fix it! :confused:

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Same problem here!
No LAN control in my Bedside Lamp - Firmware: 1.6.6_0172.
MI ID: 1899190645

Same problem here too
Please bring back LAN Control for Bedside Lamp 1
Mi ID: 1847113848

There is a workaround for Bedside Lamp 1: install the November 2020 version of the Yeelight app on your Android device (borrow one if you need). You can get the old version from services like APKPure. Sign in on that app. Then the LAN Control switch for Bedside Lamp 1 is available, switch it on. Done. You can then uninstall that old app, the setting will persist.


version 3.2.59 works perfect

It works! Thanks

не даёт нажать lan Control

Answer from support is ‘mi devices will not support LAN control function more due to security request from Xiaomi’

bullsheet. Device stil suports it. It’s just hidden in application

I asked the support about bedside lamp 2 with firmware 2.0.41

@chyhaiyuan please enable LAN Control for me.

MI ID: 1816806830
Server: Mainland China (Beijing)
Current FW: 2.1.7_0041
Yeelight iOS version: 3.3.34

Thank you.

Also need Lan Control for my needs, please also whitelist me.
Mi ID: 1704501752
Server: Mainland
I have a lot Yeelight lams (bslamb1, ceiling10, ceiling4, ct_bulb, lamp1 and other).

Thanks a lot.

I don’t think this method works anymore. I’ve just tried with Bluestacks (android emulator) and the switch to Lan Control doesn’t move. Even on “all open” doesn’t work.

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