Bulbs randomly "No Response" in HomeKit and "Offline" in Yeelight APP

Dear Yeelight,

Momentarily we have two led bulbs, one YLDP22YL and one YLDP12YL. Randomly, and never at the same time, they loose connection with HomeKit.

When this happens, the status is “No Response”, within the Yeelight APP the status is then “offline”. Also I cannot ping the bulb anymore when this happens.

The only solution (workaround), seems to be a power cycle.

Since this behavior occurs several times a week (and always when you are not at home) is getting quite annoying. And thereby making home automation useless. The current firmware is 2.0.6_0013.

Good to mention is that we have other WiFi only HomeKit accessories that doesn’t have any problems like this.

So dear Yeelight, do you have a fix or new firmware to solve this issue for us?

Kind regards,


I have the same issue. Yeelight app losing all lights every a week. For me what helped was router restart (so that they have to refresh their wifi connection). Because of that I’ve sheduled automatic restarts in my router every night and that fixes the issue but is more of a workaround.

Thanks for sharing te workaround!! I’ll give it a try. Hopefully Yeelight will come up with a fix, but hopefully this trick will also work for me. I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

The workaround seems to do the job, until I lost connection one time to one of the bulbs. So hopefully Yeelight wil seed new firmware to solve this issue. I found more people with similar issues with these types of bulbs. To be clear I have several access-point in our home environment, ik scheduled a time frame where the radio of the access-points go off for 5 minutes.

Have 3 filament bulbs loosing the connection to homekit but not to their own app. So it looks like wifi is not the issue here. But the ‘no response’ is so frequent they are hardly usable in homekit

I record nice the unusable irritation, for me the above mentioned workaround still does the job. Could you otherwise check with a ping to the bulb if it looses network connection before homekit looses connection?

I noticed at those moments they are still responsive in the yeelight app and therefore i don’t think they’re suffering from a bad internet connection.

Okey, then unfortunately I can’t help you. What I had seen was that if the bulb lost connection, it wasn’t available anymore within Homekit. When I powered it off and on again Homekit reestablished the connection again.