Yeelight MJDP02YL FW 2.0.6_0035 LAN Control KO

Hi I have bought a Mi led smart bulb (MJDP02YL), when I add on yeelight app, i have not the lan control button. FW version is 2.0.6_0035.
Why the button is not on my app?
Thanks Leo

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I have the same problem with this version

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Many issues with lan mode last days. I got the same problem - but with bedside lamp 2. It works well for about a year, and after last firmware update - lan control not working anymore.

Yeelight starts to make their devices useless?

This is an issue with the android app, not with the FW. I installed an older version of an app (3.2.14) and there is LAN mode and musical mode exists

P.S I have the same lamp

@santoleo @rb338-spb @Vincamok

I did the same - installed older version - 3.2.15
Lan mode switch is here. But it not working - I cannot turn this switch on.
So I guess - its a firmware issue. And Yeelight knows that and remove lan control in app in last app update.
Thats pretty shitty, Yeelight!

Same firmware upgrade and no more LAN control.
Any information to fix it ?

It is horrible situation. Now I can’t control my light… I’m using diyHue. :frowning:

my lan mode does not work please help my MI ID : 6281482429