YLXD50YL Ambilight Control Bugs and App issues

Hey guys, I’m really happy with this new model of ceiling light but - there are some issues I wish were solved.
I’m using model: YLXD50YL
I’m currently using Firmware version: 2.0.6_0016
Mi ID: 1837611567

  1. When powering off (from the switch), the Ambilight setting isn’t saved - so when turning back on only the main light comes back to the correct setting, but the Ambilight remains off
  2. Favorites are separate for main and ambilight, which is weird because I want to recall a setting with 1 click - for both lights.
  3. XY panels for selecting Colors or setting the desired white/yellow main light frequency is Choppy and stuttery. I’d prefer a manual option to dial in the desired frequency number.
  4. Can’t control the ambilight from Mi Home, Google home nor controlling the Ambilight from LAN 3rd party applications. Even when turning the light off and on - just the main light come back on while the ambilight remains off… Same as the 1st issue.
  5. Differences between 3000hz and 2990hz frequencies are super drastic - I want to be able to select something in the middle.
  6. 1% brightness in sun mode is too bright.
  7. I’d like to edit the saved parameters in the presets that are alreadt built in the app. I want to use those nice icons and change modes for both main and ambilights in one click.

I have all the same issues

I reported at least a few of those issues 1-2 years ago, most annoying being the 1% in sun mode being too bright - that ones is really annoying

For the ambilight, back when I was testing it, I wrote this in my review on bg: " There is a bug when storing the ambilight settings. When you are in sun-mode and set an ambilight color, hard-turn the lamp off ( via the wall-switch) and back on the ambilight color is restored (perfect). However when you are in moon-mode and set an ambilight color, hard-turn the lamp off (via the wallswitch) and back on then the ambilight color is NOT restored (remains off). This is clearly a bug since it behaves differently for the sun-mode"

So try it in sun mode - that might work.
Not sure on what FW I am, but something at least 1 year old.
Update: Checked the FW, I’m on 2.0.6_0016 (and it doesn’t offer a newer version - never has either).

Also I’m wondering if the Arwen YLXD013-B is the successor to the YLXD50YL, any idea if the above bugs are fixed with the Arwen?