Lightstrip did not shown in MiHome app, but can be added and used in Yeelight app


Today ordered Yeelight Lightstrip 1S and trying to add it to my home.
It can be successfully added to AppleHome and to Yeelight app (together with all another lights in my house), but I can’t add it to MiHome app - if i’m trying add it over MiHome interface - it asks me to connect to WiFi-network inside Lightstrip and this way is unable for me (iPhone detect lightstrip network as device and did not connect to this network, instead of iPhone instantly adding it to AppleHome), but if I will add Lightstrip to Yeelight app, then I can’t find it inside MiHome, but accounts are linked and I can see all another lights. Region selection did not help.
MiHome Account 4159740037

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Does anyone knows how to solve it? It has no sense to buy a smart light without ability to control it with sensors.

SOLUTION: after update mihome app to 6.x version everything works fine, 5seems like .x version doesn’t work with lightstrip well((