Not able to connect to Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S

Hi There,

I am not able to add brand new Mi LED Desk Lamp 1S to my smartphone/tablet.
I have installed the “Mi Home” app and tried to finish the process both on my iphone (10) and ipad pro (11) but neither option worked.

I followed all the instructions on the app, but once I reset the device and add the wifi network information, the lamp shows up on the wifi settings screen, but under the category “Set up new device…”. I select MiDeskLamp1S-7601 and after a while I receive the following error message: “An expected error occurred. Try again”

I can see that the lamp is connected to my router and has been assigned an ip address, but I still can’t add the lamp to the app. Could you please help me?

My Xiaomi account it is 6406598102
Location: Brazil