Yeelight Ceiling light problem after firmware update

Hello! I have Yeelight Ceiling light, YLXD01YL, works fine until firmware updated to 2.0.2_0192, now it sometimes freezes without any reason, doesn’t react to Mi Home (shows offline) or remote controller, helps turning it off and on again. I’ve changed my router twice to different models, trying to reset light to factory defaults, nothing helps. And one day it become turning on randomly, I turn it off by remote controller or Mi Home, after some time light come on. It’s very fun when you sleeping…

Im having the same issue. It was all working fine until i installed latest firmware update. Now the light wont even reset and I can’t connect it to my phone anymore

Me too… :frowning:
Please add the way to downgrade firmware

Was it fixed? My is turning off by itself too