Mi Bedside Lamp II sunrise mode does not gradually increasing the light

So I just bought the Mi bedside lamp II, from what I read in the forum, I can set it to sunrise mode where the light will gradually increase from the schedule time.

I used the Yeelight app and schedule it to subrise just to test, however rather than from dim light and gradually increasing it to bright yellow light, it just turns to bright yellow at the scheduled time.

I also tried the IFTTT app and use the “Wake up gently by using Yeelight sunrise”, and the description does say it will increase gradually within 15 minutes, so I tried recording it with my camera to see if it does that within the time frame and unfortunately it just turn on the light from dim light to the bright yellow in just a few seconds rather than within 15 minutes.

Not sure how am I supposed to fix this? I’m in Malaysia but I use singapore server on the IFTTT,