Yeelight 1S Bulb Homekit Issues


I received my yeelight 1S Bulb yesterday and so far I’m very dissapointed. I bought it because it is claimed to be homekit supported and because I already own a aurora lightstrip which works fine with homekit. However the bulb does not, it doesn’t use actual whites in the white mode of Homekit, which makes them very dim compared to the yeelight app. This ruins the experience for me since it makes them basically unusable with the Homekit app. Shortcuts aren’t a solution either, as it makes it very complicated to adjust the scenes and make it look good.

In my opinion Yeelight should not be advertising their Bulbs as Homekit compatible as long as they don’t work properly in the Homekit app. This has been a Issue for years now and no fixes. There’s no excuse for it. If the Yeelight staff is aware of the problem with HSV/CT mixing then don’t advertise it as Homekit compatible period. I updated my firmware yesterday and there still isn’t a fix. Either fix your coding, as complicated as it is or contact apple but this is not fair for customers who buy it for Homekit systems and it ruins your reputation Yeelight.

I have seen @weiwei respond to this issue a few times and I think as difficult as it is to fix, you had enough time to fix it. This problem has been present since 2018 and were in 2021 now, that is 3 years without a fix or even an apology. Come on yeelight you can do much better.

I was very pleased with my lightstrip because of the very easy integration but this makes me doubt to buy any more yeelight products and I’m sure others felt the same and already switched to your competition.

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I recently bought two light bulbs and I updated one and forgot to update the other. I only noticed because the one with the older firmware was visibly brighter than the updated one, with both controlled by HomeKit. I hope Yeelight can reproduce the old brightness in a later firmware update because the lights obviously can achieve the max brightness in software, even using HomeKit.

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They probably won’t, the issue exists for years but their excuse is that they use a different mixing format. They either have to reach out to apple and ask for a seperate format, which is very very unlikely to happen or they just fix it by converting their format into apples homekit. I don’t care how hard it is, they advertise it as Homekit compatible so it better work flawlessly. It’s just sad how bad their costumer support is, they don’t even try to reach out to people.


Yes, this is known issue to us and we have considered very seriously how to come up with a proper solution, but there is none.

Yeelight bulbs process color temperature and color in different ways. Color temperature is like a ‘turbo’ mode so as to provide more LUX than oridinary color mode.

Unfortunately HomeKit does not yet support direct color-temperature operation (which boost mode depends on) on color bulbs. They just translate color-temperature into an ordinary color. But we cannot simply translate the color back into color-temperature. Because that way, there are chances the LUX boost a lot even when the users are trying to find a proper color in color mode. Thus occurs unwanted flickers and results in very bad experience

The only thing we can do is to wait for HomeKit specification to update and follow it ASAP.

While I understand what you’re saying, I’m not sure I accept that there’s nothing you can do about it. I have two reasons for believing you can fix this:

  1. Your bulbs used to be able to do this. In fact, one of my 1S bulbs is on 1.3.18 and is working flawlessly with white colour temperatures. The other bulb on 2.1.36 is very dim when compared to the non-updated 1S. This is probably my main reason for knowing that you can correct this. At least let us rollback to 1.3.18 (if this is possible, I would do this in a split second)

  2. Other HomeKit bulb manufacturers have no problem recreating whites. I have bulbs from Hue, VOCOlinc, and Meross and they can all produce bright whites when using HomeKit. Hue and VOCOlinc being the best, with Meross using some quirky workaround (but honestly, I wouldn’t mind it if my Yeelight bulbs used some quirky workaround).

I really wish I didn’t firmware update one of my bulbs, because it basically reduced its feature set by removing the ability to effectively use whites in HomeKit.

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Currently alexa has lost the functionality control on dimming or changing lights color with yeelight LED BULB anymore. They only they can do is turn on off. I am on the singapore server. They F***ED it up big time. Worst they aren’t even bothered solving it

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I have to agree with dwightpro. Just let us downgrade, it was working better before than now. Give this option to Homekit users.

please, provide a way to downgrade that. it is been a while since that happened.

Then why is Yeelight marketing it as “Homekit compatible”? The definition of “compatible” is two things working with eachother without any problems which is clearly not the case. It’s just misleading and really annoying to deal with because theres no disclosure about it