No Ambient Color Flow anymore on the Crystal Pendant Light and firmware 2.0.6_0049

Hi all,

i hardly ever change the light on my Crystal pendant (Meteorite) lamp, but a broken light switch made me have to reset the lamp. No biggy you would think but adding the lamp again the ambient lights changed to a standard single color and i cannot find any Color flow options anymore for the ambient light above? are these options removed? as i do see the options Dishes, festive feast, candle flikker, romantic date, reading and Tea time. But in the color options no were i find the flow again? i do fine it on all my other lamps in the yeelight app (yeelight color bulbs)

Solution is simple: Yes they removed the option from the app for this device only… i had to get a 10€ remote for this pendant light hold the M button and tada light flow going again… (not sure if they allowed to do this as they advertised having this feature and removing it afterwards.)

so it seems that Yeelight is slowely killing off their products, so beware if you want to continue expanding on your yeelights. It might not be the smartest thing to do…

Also support was awesome some years ago here so take that in consideration also