Yeelight ceiling light server connection problem

Hi, just got my new 2020 Ceiling light
the problem is I cant connect the light to Singapore or Europe servers, it wont event find the light in the Yeelight app.

Only to Mainland china founds it but it keeps getting disconnected and the controls doesn’t seem to be responsive, cant change color or turn on/off etc.
I also cheeked my DNS and all seems to be fine
Mi ID - 6363128345

Is there any fix for that?

Please help!

Same problem here.
I bought a Yeelight Ceiling Light pro (new version) from TomTop in Germany (so I expect, they are selling versions which should be able to connect to European Yeelight servers.

Problem: It’s not discovered by the app if I’m using European server.

Only if I switch to Mainland China server, it gets discovered and I can add the light, but it does not really help, as all my other devices are in the European region.

Are the ceiling lights locked to a specific region?

Version: YLXD76YL
Serial: YLXD76/0019479

Yeelight staff: Please help !!!