HomeKit connection error


I have yeelight celling lamp YLXD50YL and it is working fine with yeelight application, but when I try add it to HomeKit it show an error about “cant add device”. What should I do about it? Other lamps works fine and this not. Can I debug somehow and found the reason of the problem?


Hi Duke, your mi id please

Hello. I am not sure what mi id but looks lie it is Mi Home id in my account - 6285848949.

Hi,First upgrade the firmware, then try again.

In yeelight app i see that lamp using 2.0.6_0016 and tell me is it up to date.
Can be somehow homekit code not correct on that lamp?

I made update firmware to 2.0.6_0026 then remove lamp from yeelight app and add it again. After that I have tried add it few times and after some delay (10 mins) it work as should be and added to HomeKit. Not sure what it was.