Yeelight 1S Chinese Varient.

Guys i bought a Chinese Varient of Yeelight 1S since this connects only to Chinese mainland server.any way to connect this to Singapore so i can connect to Google Home too

I have the same issue, bro. Chinese version is. Different from international?

Check the other threads for the bulb. Google Home isn’t exactly working for the intl. version either.

I found the solutuon. you can integrate it with samsung smartthings which can support the chinese server. It works with Alexa.

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@Chuluunbaatar does it fix google home integration

Internationl Version perfectly working with Google Home.

yeah works with Smartthing which is bit slow and sometime disconnects entirely

Yeap it does fix…its like connect Smartthing to Yeeapp,then Google home should integrate with Smarthings


Thank to me :slight_smile:

The other posts say it stops working after a few hours

how can we differentiate the chinese version from global / international version? I have a Echo Dot 4, i would like to connect the bulbs to Mi Home and to control them through Alexa, but I already have an European item on my Mi Home, so i don’t want to change the server.

Please advice.

Just check the box which shows the support of Alexa

Home Assistant is the best solution for the Alexa and Google home even on the chinese server.

I am looking to buy them from AliExpress, can you send me a link please?

I can not connect also with mi home @Turkey Server