Unable to add YLXD05YLto Yeelight App

Hi there,

I have bought the YLXD05YL ceiling light and was unsuccessful in adding this light to the Yeelight App.

I have other Yeelight (YLXD04YL, Bedside Lamp, Strips… ) that works fine.

I have tried different servers, etc without any success. I can see the device in my router device list.

Please help…

Hi , try use another phone to set up a hotspot instead of the router.

Yes. I tried using a hotspot on my other phone.

I also tried using another phone (Android using 2.4GHz Wifi) with Yeelight App.

Not success…

try to use MI HOME app

I have tried using Mi Home as well…

No luck.

It seems that the YLDX05YL is added to my router successfully. The Yeelight App has completed adding the device. However, the device is not shown in my device list. I can also see the YLDX05YL in my router client list.

Please help!

Btw, when I use Mi Home App to add the device, it can detect the device in the beginning from bluetooth.

Mi Home App then response with Device Connected (v), Message sent to device (v). But failed Connecting device to network (x)

When I check my router, I can see the device in my router client list.

I finally exchange the light. The new one works.