Yeelight SmartThings!


I’m having a lot of issues with my bulbs at home. They are always shown as offline in SmartThings app, a few reboots from router or power on off works sometimes but not everytime. They are shown as online in both Yeelight app and Mi home app.

What’s strange is that my remote to turn on or off works just fine in yeelight app and mi home app, without any issues. Automation with Mi Home app also works very good.

If I unlink the device and link again the bulb appears in the app as online.

I have latest firmware.
According to my router and Mi Home app all lamps have a IP address.

Same issues here. Bulbs work in the Yeelight app but show offline in smartthings or google home.

Same issue for many months now. Frustrating since a group of 3 bulbs may result in only 2 turning on and some bulbs not turning off.

@yusure, @weiwei, @coasterli, @candicewj93
Hi, I think we have been experiencing offline status on Smartthings. Kindly advice.

@_guofeng 可以帮忙一下吗?

I just face this problem for months now.

The same problem started a few months ago. My workaround is to control with Scene.