Yeelight app not showing MJDPL01YL added through MiHome

Hi! I’ve been trying to add a couple more light bulbs to Yeelight app without any luck. Currently I have 4 MJDPL02YL and a Mi Celling Light connected through MiHome to Yeelight and the 5 light are working perfect.
Yesterday I bought 2 more light bulbs (MJDPL01YL) and did the same adding process as the previous 5 lights. Now, I can see the 7 lights on MiHome but when I go to Yeelight App I can’t see the newer light bulbs. I did refresh the devices, re connected MiHome to Yeelight app, re-installed the app, changed the servers but nothing seems to work.

Currently my entire home is on Singapore server, same as Yeelight App.

Any Idea of what can I do? I really want to keep controlling my home scenes using Yeelight App.

Thank you!! UwU