"connection timed out" MY2017 YLXD01YL Ceiling Light

its the first time i want to connect my 2017.11 dated ceiling light to the yeelight app, its not working. i can see the device with ip adress in my routers dhcp table, but yeelight app is not able to connect.

my goal is to set “developer mode” to control the device via local network.

please help folks, i’m stuck.

Hi, Try to set the router’s DNS,Or use another phone to set up a hotspot.

Hi friend, i set globally in my dhcp server configuration so clients can query names via google’s server, but the yeelight app still cannot connect :tired_face:

the weird thing is i can see the lamp in my routers dhcp table with active ip connections :roll_eyes:

what’s going on here? do u have any other suggestions? please help, i’m stuck.

2020-12-22 07_46_41-Eingabeaufforderung

2020-12-22 08_12_43-nachtfalke (build 40559) - LAN Status

Hi joedust,
If you are using linux system you can try the cmd dig ots.io.mi.com

Hi Rex_yan1, ots.io.mi.com resolves to via Google DNS on all my devices.
Do U have any other ideas? Thx

2020-12-22 09_42_42-Eingabeaufforderung