Color 2 bulb turn green if it is on White cold.

A few weeks ago my yeelight color 2 bulb started having some issues:

-After 20min of using will set to 10% of light and stucking there
-if i use it on White cold color, after a few minutes it turns green and set to 10% light

To solve these issues i tryed:
Factory Reset, unplugging it for a few hours, updating firmware.
But after all that IT does the same things

Any Help? I bought my yeelight on gearbest 1 year ago and i don’t think i can replace or refund it.

I have the same issue with 1 unit of the Color 1S Bulb, I bought 2 of them yesterday and one of them, when I set it to 10% in cold white it starts to turn soft green, then when I try to put it in red it sets to yellow, the colors doesn’t works properly.

Also I try it to factory reset 3 times, but it doesn’t seems to work :slightly_frowning_face: