Homekit Setup Code Incorrect and not connect to homekit app

i got my Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 today, connected through the app however I’m finding it almost impossible to add to Apple Homekit, the device is connected to my 2.4ghz network,
Yeelight & Mi application working fine
i tried everything not possible to connect to homekit and the reason i bought this expensive lamp is only homekit connection

because i’m new user i can not attach pictures

i’m living in philippines, i bought from lazada the name of shop is teptoo

model Yeelight YLCT03YL
mac : 04cf8c2bc4ca
Production date: 2020.01
homekit no: 74281053

Hi same issue here with my ceiling light. I get connected, but after sometime in the day, it automatically gets disconnected on my homekit. Same reason i bought yeelight ceiling as it is homekit compatible.