Yeelight color bulb and smart dimmer

I recently bought the yeelight color bulb 2 and the xiaomi smart dimmer(wall version) just to find out they can’t directly connect.(Bulb is only wifi and dimmer is only bluetooth)

After some search I came across three possible methods of connection between the two:
1-Buy xiaomi mijia gateway(most affordable gateway)
2-Raspberry pi with home assistant installed
3-Extra phone on room making the connection between dimmer and bulb(still a mistery how)

Has anyone tried any of these methods or know if they will/won’t work?


If you are talking about Yeelight Dimmer, it is a BLE device so it can connect ONLY to ceiling lights and some other lights which have BLE remote functionality. You can’t control bulb with dimmer. It is supported on all devices that support i.e. remote controller…

Yes. I know they can’t directly connect. I was asking about alternative methods of making them work together like the ones i numbered.

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I came across the same situation. I realized this dimmer wasn’t compatible with RGB bulbs after buying it.

Over the proposals:

  1. Not sure if it would connect both devices but seems the most convenient solution.
  2. I thought on this solution but I didn’t see very clear how to do it.
  3. Mistery :smiley:

I would like to solve this compatibility as well, I hope there’s a solution for it, but we have to find it out!

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