Music flow keeps quitting out!!!?!?!?!

Im using Yeelight on my phone with internal audio. I also tried an android emulator with yeelight and I have the EXACT same issue.
It starts being on music flow and then returns to regular flowing after one or two minutes!!! They’re always on the same network, same issue!!! Its really annoying and I seem to be the only one. I cant find a single topic with this.
Whenever I reselect music flow on the devices they start being good again for a minute, then quit out. It doesnt matter if I turn them on using this method. Same issue.

EDIT: I found out that every 21 seconds, the music flow switches to regular flow. Its about 21 seconds exact so this is some weird issue above my pay grade

Did you turn on the power saving mode? Or disable Yeelight’s notification permission?

I did not turn on power saving mode. If you mean the permission it asks when you first click on music flow. I did not select the option, ‘‘dont show this notification anymore’’

for some weird reason it worked perfectly fine for the last 4 hours. But only after restarting the music flow 5 times. I pressed out of the music flow screen where it shows my devices. It instantly went back to regular flow and stopped using internal audio flow. Now its constantly disobeying my orders again.

I just made a macro that clicks the button every 21 seconds. It works perfectly. Temporary solution till Yeelight helps me get this fixed.

It completely broke, they’re not music flowing anymore. So sad. I want this to work!!!


  1. What’s the model of your phone?
  2. What’s the system version of your phone?
  3. When you open the music mode, is there a notification on the phone? Please take a screenshot for me to see.
  4. Please make a video of the issue.