YLXD50YL vs A2001C550 vs C2001C550

Hello All,

I wanted to understand what are the differences between these three lamps. Is it only design? Or is there any more differences(like lumen value, material quality, led number etc.)
As far as I see, YLXD50YL is a guangscan product meanwhile A2001C550 and C2001C550 is a chuxin product.
These three are all 50W but product material, quality wise, is there a difference? For example, does A2001C550 uses same material as YLXD50YL? And if there’s a difference, which of these products is superior?
A2001C550 and C2001C550 lumen is not specified meanwhile YLXD50YL is 3000lm. What’s the lumen value for A2001C550 and C2001C550?
Lastly, is there a non-starry version for A2001C550?

Thanks in advance.