Yeelight toggle on/off with physical button

Hello everybody,

After searching for hours in the folders of my phone, I have to say I’m struggling to achieve what I want to do. Yeelight offers the possibility to create 3 shortcuts on the home screen, including the toggle on/off shortcut. There is the same option for the fast settings board. I’ve installed the Xposed Edge module which allows to create fast actions assigned to different areas of the phone (status bar, physical buttons…). I tried to assign long press on volume up to toggle on/off the Yeelight but the problem is that the shortcut isn’t visible in the applications list. So I had a look a bit everywhere in the system folders to look for the right process that triggers on the light without having to get in the Yeelight application. My idea was simply to create a command that would launch this toggle shortcut everytime I press the volume up button. Problem is I can’t find or see the name of this process and even though I could find the process name of another shortcut (the one that lets you set up intensity, color in a minimized window), when I assigned it to my physical button, nothing would happen… I’m quite confused, I thought it would be easy to do so, just like it’s easy to trigger torch light from any button. Thank you for reading and hope you can help ! :slight_smile:

Any suggestion ?