Yeelight mesh LED spotlight

Hi everyone,
So i have xiaomi home app, and yeelight control device which control the mesh lights and the strips in my kitchen.
So i can use xiaomi app to turn on and off kitchen lights, but i cannot control it via google home… light strips google finds and i can turn on and off but actual kitchen lights (mesh) i cannot. How can i fix this? How to add those lights to google home? Done all the latest updates etc.

Please provide your mi id.


Hi, any updates on this?

Hi, we fixed the issue. Please check it again.

No luck. Maybe i am doing something worng? Do i need to set it up from scratch?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. I want confirm something.

Mesh devices can be displayed in Google Home. But you cannot control them. Am I correct?

No it does not appear on google at all and cannot find it on there. I have tried to reset MESH lights, but controls only works on Xiaomi app.
Only in xiaomi home app. LED strip appears on both google and xiaomi, can also be control on both.

Did you create a light group in Mijia?

No, only in xiaomi app.

First of all, login this website and check it out if “Yeelight” exists, then tap “Unlink” button if it exists.

Done that, what should i do now to make to beable to control the mesh?