Yeelight YLXD02YL + MJKG01-1YL | FlexSwitch problem

Good day! I have a “Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL” ceiling lamp with a “MJKG01-1YL” type wall switch and I wanted to enable FlexSwitch functionality. The following happens: If I enable the FlexSwitch on the wall switch physical device (turn the screw to left direction with a screwdriver) the wall switch receives electricity only when I hold it in “ON” position with my hand. As soon as I release my hand (=I do not hold it in ON position) it does not get electricity. On my phone of course I enabled the FlexSwitch for the ceiling lamp but still it did not change anything: as soon as I do not hold the wall switch in ON Position it does not get electricity and the ceiling lamp turns off. In normal switch mode the 2 devices are working perfect. Could you please support me in make the FlexSwitch working? I’m quite sure that there is a trick I was not able to figure out. Thanks in advance!

Hello, it looks like the wrong wire is connected. It should be connected to L1 and L12, not L11

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very helpful for me, I just joined the forum to post the same question and voila!!

Thank you very much