Mi Smart Desk Lamp 1S not connecting in app

Hi all,

fisr of all, this is not my first Yeelight lamp or first Xiaomi product. I have several Yeelight Smart Color Bulbs, 2 lightstrips, Mi Smart Space Heater S, Mi Air Purifier 3H and now I got Mi Smart Desk Lamp 1S.

The problem is that in Mi Home app, connection times out, just as it times out in Yeelight app.

DNS changes don’t help, just like any other solutions that are usually helping here.

Only thing I have left is to log on lower number account to update the lamp firmware, several are posted on forums, but all report incorrect password. Can someone give me another idea? I like all these products and this lamp is cool too, but would like to add it to my smart home setup. Currently it just works as a desk lamp.

Thank you.

UPDATE: After doing absolutely nothing except trying again and again, it just connected after 12 or 13 tries. Now it works, it’s connected to Google Home and it’s finally smart. :smiley:

I would love to share solution, but I just tried and tried, reseting it after each unsuccessful attempt.