Yeelight LED Bulp 1S connect to Xiaomi Gateway 3

Is there a possibility to couple the lamps with the gateway.
My main concern is to somehow control the lamps with my Yeelight Smart switch.

PS: German Server

Bulbs don’t connect to the gateway, they’re Wifi (well, most of them). Smart switches connect to the gateway (via Zigbee or via BLE)… So if you have Gateway 3 you can use both Zigbee and BLE switches.

Thank you for your kind answer.
And this is where I have the problem, I don’t understand how to connect the switch to the lamp.
I only have two entries in the Xiaomi Home App on my iPhone. One is my dessert lamp and one is the gateway.
Everything else is only shown in the Yeelight app.
But in the Yeelight app I can’t insert the switch at the S1.
I don’t understand why all the lamps and switches don’t run over the gateway, instead they only run over my router.
Shouldn’t it be that everything runs over the gateway and only from there into the Wlan ?

Could it be because I am on the European server ?
Are these things only possible with the Chinese server, and what disadvantages would I have, if I set up everything now and do it on the Chinese server ?

you don’t understan the concept of the gateway then. Gateway is a bridge between Wifi and Zigbee networks (and in cas of v3 gateway, BLE). Bulbs can’t rn over gateway since gateway is not your router. But it provides a link between these two (Wifi and Zigbee/BLE).

Yeelight app is only for Yeelight products (lights). MiHome is for all Mijia compatible devices from several manufacturers - Yeelight, Roborock, Aqara, etc. So in Yeelight you see only lights.

If you don’t see all lights in miHome, then this is probably due to different servers used or devices were for diffferent markets (international vs china). you can’t mix those.

Advantages of international - you have server that responds fast. Disadvantages: not many devices, can use only devices bought locally for that market.

Advantages of China - there are many devices. Disadvantages: slower response, only can use devices bought from China.