Yeelight save last state not working properly

Hello everyone,
So I just got the yeelight colour smart bulb which has a silver coloured body. I’ve set it up but my save last state is not working properly.

There are two option in the app. One is power on automatically and the next one is auto save state.
When I have both enabled and the bulb is on and then I cycle power through the wall switch the bulb remembers it’s last settings and turns back on but if the bulb was off from the app and power is cycled it turns back on in its last setting which is very annoying if I experience a power cut at night.

Now if I disable the auto power on option and just keep the auto save state function enabled when the bulb is off and power is cycled the bulb remains off as expected but if it was already on it doesn’t turn on after the power cycle.

Isn’t there an option so that it remembers whether it was on or off before power cut and then used those settings and turn on or off as it was before power was cut to it.

I know this is possible because I have the mi bedside lamp 2 and it does this fine.

Should I keep this bulb and is there a workaround this or should I just return it cause my country experiences power cuts sometimes and it’s really annoying to have the bulb turn on in the middle of the night or the bulb remaining off even if it was on beforehand. Or should I use this bulb with a wall switch like a barbarian?

Thanks in advance.