Can't connect Smart LED Bulb 1S Color to App


I have a problem with one of my Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S Color. I am not able to connect it with the Yeelight or Xiaomi Home app. If I reset the bulb it shows red, green, green light and then switches to the white light. If search for it in the apps, after the reset, it isn’t shown there. I also can’t find a Wifi Network from it (Yeelink…).

Does anyone of you have a solution for this problem?

Thank you!

Hello, Reset the lamp by power on and off 5 times in a row, and then see if there’s AP named like “yeelink-light-***” in your phone’s wifi list? If yes, I want to know the full name of this AP name. I guess your model is color8. And it can only be used on China Mainland server.

Hello! I already use the China Mainland Server, so this can’t be the problem. I also can’t find a network like “yeelink-light…” after I reset the lamp in my phone’s wifi list.

Is it possible that the wifi module of my lamp isn’t working?

Please reset your device again. You can try to reset multiple times. See if there is any ap name like “yeelink-light-***”. If still not, please send me a screenshot of the wifi list page.

Hello again! I think I found out what the actual problem is. The bulb seems to be in factory mode. After I switch it on it shows red, green, blue light and then switches to white.

I set up a hotspot with “miio_default” and the password “0x82562647” and the bulb connected to this hotspot. How can I stop the factory mode now and bring it to the normal (customers?) mode?

You can get application of quit factory from the link:

I already have this app but if I push the “MANUALLY FIX” button while the bulb is connected to the hotspot it seems to don’t do anything.

So what do I have to do in this app to get the bulb to the normal mode?

I solved the problem now. First I tried the app with my Xiaomi Mi 9 and with the Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite of my girlfriend but it didn’t work with them. Then I tried it with my very old Samsung Galaxy S3 and it worked.

Maybe you have to update your app to make sure that it can work with devices which aren’t so old.