[fixed] Firmware error ceiling1 1.5.9 (local API CT)

Hello everyone,

in firmware 1.5.9_0189 for the ceiling1, there is an error. You can’t set color temperature:

{"id":273, "error":{"code":-5000,"message":"general error"}}

I tested this on 6 different lamps. All the same.
ceiling4 with firmware 2.0.2_0056 works perfect:


Where can I report this error?

Regards, Edi

hi,you can give me your mi id,there is beta version 2.0.6_0193.

Hello rex_yan,

yes, my ID is 1843805005. But it sounds like the beta 2.0.6_0193 is firmware for ceiling4 which is working. ceiling1 has a problem.

2.0.6_0193 is for ceiling1.Your MI ID has been added, you can try later.

It works now! Many thanks!

You’re welcome, I’m glad to be able to help you. If you have any questions, you can continue to communicate with us.