Help to check compatibility

Hi all
I have bought this ceiling light = Yeelight YLXD01YL 28W Round LED Ceiling Light and I am trying to pair them with this switches = Yeelight YLKG07YL Smart bluetooth Dimmer
but I can not.
Are they compatible or I am just dreaming? :frowning:

I think they aren’t but what makes me curius is how the ceiling light can connect to the remote and can not connect to the switch.

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Did you try to remove the remote first?

Yes, I did. I then tried and reconnected again. But I never managed to connect the switch.
Can you confirm that these devices can work together or not for sure please. This at least would be a good step to keep trying.

(Right now I have replaced my original switch with this one and me family can not switch on the bedroom light)

If you have any ideas what I should do please share them
Hope you can help further.

Oh, I just saw you got the mains one, I got the battery one. The battery one works for sure.
How do you try to pair?

I first tried as per the instructions in yeelight app. Nothing happened. I couldn’t connect even the remote control which I knew I could. I then followed the instructions of the video below. Like that I manage to reconnect the remote control only. I also have the battery and I could not connect it either. How do you manage to connect it? (that’s good news that you could)

Guide to Pairing Yeelight’s Remote Control and Dimmer - YouTube

I think they are compatible. From what I remember you have to unplug the ceiling light and plug it in, and then you have like a minute to pair the remote. At least it is like that with ceiling 450/480/650.

what do you mean to unplug the ceiling light? from the roof?
What I am trying is

  1. to turn off the light from the switch (the main has on-off button)
  2. put the dimmer in pairing mode (the orange led is blinking) and
  3. I turn on the ceiling light and wait the devices to be paired, but nothing happens.

Do you keep the finger on the pairing button when turning on the light?

Yes, as the video says.

Well if you have physical switch yes, turn it off and on. And then initiate pairing from the dimmer.

Thanks for the support both off you. I will try again but I am trying since yesterday evening and I can not pair them. I have so many and different kind of devices in my house. Never had so much trouble before. At least as you both say the devices are compatible and should work together.

Right now the remote is connected. Should I remove it and try to pair the dimmers? (as I said I have both the mains and battery one)

IDK, I always connected Dimmer first… maybe it helps?

I am going to disconnect everything and pair them from scratch. Just please confirm that you have the same ceiling light with me Yeelight YLXD01YL 28W Round LED Ceiling Light

Yes, it’s the ceiling1 model (check in app)

I have some bad news I think. I removed everything. When I tried to unpair the remote from the yeelight app I noticed that the mains switch was there. I removed everything.
Tried to pair the mains. It paired. The light switched on-off 3-4 times which means they paired. However nothing worked in the dimmer. No function at all.
I the tried and connected the battery dimmer. Same thing. It paired with light but no function at all. Finally I paired the remote which is working as it should and did. I have no idea what is wrong or what more I could do.

i did check it. mine is the same. in the app - device info = yeelink.light.ceiling1

ok, I completely removed the app. Reinstall it and used china server. I made the firmware udate and finally managed to connect both of the dimmers!. The bedroom has light again.
Thanks a lot for the support and the help. The main key was that the devices were compatible.

Ah, that’s great news! Glad that it works now for you!

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