Mi LED Ceiling Light MJXDD01YL - color temperature change issue

Hi, I was a happy user of a brand new Mi LED Ceiling Light (prod. code MJXDD01YL), but not anymore… I hope you can help me, so I can be happy again.
I noticed that I am not able to switch to warm white color temperature, no matter I use Mi Home app, Yeelight app, Google’s Home or physical wall switch.
The lamp always turns on in cold white. Even when I use sunlight mode and want to tune the color temperature the light goes dim or lighter. I have noticed that below 3000K the lamp turns black… Over 3000K turns white… When I go higher 3500, 4500 etc. the white is lighter…
What happened? It was great at the beginning.
I have reset the lamp multiple times, removed from the app etc. but that did not help at all.
Today suddenly the lamp turned warm white for some time, but when I turned it off and after 2 hours turned on again, it is cold white again and I cannot restore warm color… reset does not help.
I have also tried to change the sequence for wall switch, but that does not work either.
I am completely lost. I bought the lamp only week ago and I think I need to send it back to seller.

Appreciate your kind and prompt help.

I have the same issue.

Have you tried to upgrade firmware

Maybe you can try to upgrade the firmware,if that doesn’t work, return and exchange the light